Geophysical Technician / Field Geophysicist

Job Purpose:

To conduct geophysical services on behalf of our clients to assist in the detection and delineation of economic ore deposits. This is done through the collection and interpretation of geophysical data that either supports or contradicts geological models of the subsurface. In addition to the actual collection of data, the quality of the geophysical data requires to be continuously monitored to ensure the utmost quality. After the collection of the data, the data is analyzed to convert the data to a useful set of data presentable to the client.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Determine field requirements and test instrumentation for operational readiness.
  • Prepare the geophysical survey site for data collection. Requires the layout and movement of wire and cables.
  • Operate geophysical instrumentation.
  • Download the data from survey instrumentation each evening.
  • Maintain survey instrumentation each evening after acquisition.
  • Analysis of the collected and monitor the data quality daily.
  • Updates and maintains digital data base of the geophysical data.
  • Processes and interprets data on site in conjunction with head office direction
  • Intermittently, as a consequence of field interpretation, there is a requirement to make changes to the survey.
  • Communicates with the Delta office and clients as required.
  • Communicate and train local workers to perform specific tasks to assist with the execution of a survey.

The most senior Geophysical Technician/Field Geophysicist on site will have the additional responsibilities:

  • Organise and directs the survey work.
  • Controls field expenses.
  • Documents field work and provide head office with documents required by SJ Geophysics policies (packing list, ERP, mobilization plan, demobilization plan, logistics report, logistics memo etc.)

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

A field technician/geophysicist shall have a background in the sciences with their focus of studies in geophysics, geology or a combined physics and earth/ocean sciences program, or demonstrate suitable experience and aptitude. An ability to travel on short notice to remote areas with varied climates for extended periods of time is essential. The field geophysicist must be in good physical shape and possess solid social skills.


In addition to formal post secondary education and or equivalent experience the field technician/geophysicist must possess:

  • Leadership abilities.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Organizational abilities.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Report writing skills.
  • An understanding of worker safety practices.

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