A site for us bushrats

EST. 2003

Bushrat.com is a job site for those in the field. The people who do the line cutting, the pad building, the core cutting, diamond drilling, or pulling wire on a geophysics crew. This is for the bushrats by a bushrat.

Find Your Future.

My name is Brian Doubt. In the beginning I had the idea to create a job site but had no money. So, I ended up raising enough to build the website as so many people in the industry also knew it was needed and supported the idea. Later that year, it was completed and launched at Round-Up 2004. Bushrat.net was a great success for several years and many thousands of people found work and workers from the website.

Several years later the internet evolved and the industry went through a downturn. I let the website fall into obsolescence and eventually shut down. Over those past few years I’d wanted to update, reimagine and re-launch Bushrat.net, and now its happened.

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Looking for Work?

Create a skills profile to show potential employers your unique skill set. It is completely free to set up an account and post your resume. You can also browse the job postings in your professional field and contact the employer directly to apply.

With Us.

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Bushrat is an industry specific website focusing on mineral exploration. Get your ads in front of companies and individuals who are actively hiring for exploration programs. Finding the right people, right now.